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STEM Week 2023

STEM Week banner.png

Welcome to the 9th annual STEM Week Oregon, a state-wide movement to raise awareness, celebrate and engage in activities involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).

At its root, STEM Week is a celebration of STE/A/M activities across Oregon!  This is your chance to get on the map and have your organization's STE/A/M event(s) mapped and featured as Oregonians United in STE/A/M Learning for ALL across our state.


All Ages, and organizations both public and private can show up here to delight in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math they bring to schools, community based programs, libraries, museums, associations, industries, and more. 

It's time to show the exciting work being done to solve, overcome, collaborate, and build our collective future through this learning. This can be a special blowout week of activities or an opportunity to feature the regular STE/A/M activity you have already scheduled.


“STEM is not a class you teach. 

It's a culture you build.”

- Chris Woods, dailySTEM

STEM for every student, every classroom, everyday

Registered activities will be added to the STEM Week Oregon 2023 map below. Check the map to see your organization and others around you. The map updates DAILY (not in real time). Please be patient and check back often.

For comments, concerns, or curious observations, please contact your regional STEM Hub.

Daily Challenges

Let us know what you are doing with your family, your class, your neighborhood to celebrate STEM Week! Participate in daily themed challenges and post photos and videos of your work on social media with #OregonSTEMWeek, or do your own thing and tell us about it!  STE(A)M is all around us- explore it!

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