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Executive Director

Oregon STEM is seeking an executive director.

View the job description and see details below.


Remote, travel across Oregon required (mileage and accommodations will be reimbursed)


20 hours/week for the first six months, potential to develop into a full-time position

What You’ll Do

  • Guide the Oregon STEM Board to increase educator, community, and business and industry engagement opportunities through its Vision.

  • Help develop and expand Oregon STEM initiatives to enhance focus and develop
    collaborative statewide networks with embedding science, technology, engineering,
    and mathematics into elementary and secondary teaching practices.

  • Assist the board in identifying external funding opportunities which align with the
    boards' Vision.

  • Ensure data availability through shared relevant datasets.

  • Provide advocacy and strategic communications to build understanding and earn support from policy leaders, educators, and industry.

  • Secure resources that advance the reach of Oregon’s regional STEM Hubs.

  • Provide Strategic leadership to Oregon’s regional STEM Hubs, along with policymakers, educational leaders, families, and industry partners.
  • Provide an equity-focused lens to all STEM work and STEM opportunities and work to
    insure that underrepresented students (rural students, students of color, female
    students, and low-income students) are at the forefront of the State’s STEM

  • Provide shared learning to and between Oregon’s regional STEM Hubs and promote
    best practices to STEM Hubs and to other educational leaders throughout Oregon.

  • Represent Oregon on National STEM-related issues and work to bring national STEM education investment to Oregon.

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years of fundraising and strategic planning

  • Success in embedding outcome driven results

  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively (cross agency representation) and ability to work independently

  • Experience with storytelling and marketing prowess

  • Comfort with communicating with legislators, industry leaders, superintendents, and other STEM partners

  • Demonstrated success applying an equity lens to their work

  • Experience working both urban and rural communities


Oregon STEM is seeking a contractor to work 20 hours per week for the first six months at a rate of $80 - $100 per hour. There is potential for this to develop into a salaried position after the first six months. 

This position will start out as a remote position. When it is safe to do so, the executive director will be expected to travel to each of the hub regions and will be reimbursed for their mileage and accommodations.


Please send a resume, cover letter, and two letters of reference to This position will remain open until filled. Applications will be reviewed on August 6th, 2021.

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