Our Mission

To promote equitable access to

STEM opportunities across Oregon


Leveraging formal and non-formal partnerships, and embedding equity and youth voice every step of the way, Oregon STEM works to shift perceptions of STEM in education and industry. 

We collectively address the management of statewide efforts for communication and advocacy, data and evaluation, and community engagement, relying on individual Hubs within the Oregon STEM Hub network to lead regional initiatives and build local partnerships through collective impact.

As a new organization, Oregon STEM is still being developed to eventual focus on strategic statewide leadership; development of partnerships among business and education; advocacy and resource development; and coordination of strategic priorities across the PreK-20 education continuum. 

Priority Initiative #1

Educator support for STEM professional development

Oregon STEM increases educator engagement opportunities throughout the state through cross-hub collaboration and statewide initiatives.

Focusing on embedding STEM into elementary and secondary teaching practices, while supporting a broad statewide network of educators, Oregon STEM develops and expands best practices in educator professional development.

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Priority Initiative #2

Career Connected Learning

Through grants and industry sponsorships, Oregon STEM leverages, expands, and replicates best practices in the areas of pre-apprenticeship, mentorship, and internships, while building community through K-12 industry exposure opportunities, including field trips, career days, guest speakers, and more. 

Priority Initiative #3

Digital Literacy & Computer Science

Oregon STEM impacts CS instructors, industry partners in the technology sector, and Oregon youth through continued expansion of computer science and digital literacy experiences, development, and opportunities.​